Hi! I'm Esther.

I'm a digital marketing consultant. And I want to take your business to the next level.

About me

I’ve got a Bachelors degree in marketing and over 13 years’ marketing experience with global Fortune 500 companies. I have been doing digital marketing since 2004. Back then it was all about online directories and social media marketing didn’t exist!

In late 2018 I made a conscious decision to take a step away from the corporate world and join the world of marketing consulting. With two little people under 5, working for myself has been a way to find family work life balance, allowing me to slow down a little and lean in to family life when needed.

Plus, I love the variety and challenge. I can’t believe how many inspirational, talented and motivational people there are running small businesses in Australia. Each and every business I meet has something new to teach me and I learn as much as they do.

I specialise in stuff that makes most people’s eyes glaze over

SEOSEMPPC including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, social media monitoring and also the big stuff – strategy and planning. It’s what floats my boat.

I’m solution-focused and super experienced

As a former senior marketer and Agile Certified Scrum Master at a global B2B e-commerce business, I know the drill. I’ve consulted on high level projects, building customer-focused online marketing solutions.

I have lots of experience

I’ve developed ways to use technology and digital marketing to grow businesses. I have devised strategies and implemented dozens of effective campaigns across a broad range of FMCG and service based products.

I’m reliable, responsive and results-driven

I’ll work with you in person or remotely on strategy and keep you posted every step of the way. Although I’m based in Sydney, Australia, I consult on a freelance basis with small to mid-sized businesses around Australia. Oh and deadlines? I beat them!

Feedback & Reviews

What to expect from a marketing consultant?

First of all I will listen and learn. I want to know all about your objectives, customers, past and present marketing activities, opportunities, threats and competitors. And more. You will complete a comprehensive briefing form which leaves no stone upturned and I will take everything on board.

Some businesses worry that it will take too long for a marketing consultant to get up to speed. This is not the case at all. I have an innate ability to get your business, values and ethos from the get-go. I research the competition, understand the customer persona and help you to differentiate your niche in the market.

This said, if you want to meet in person before committing, we can. If you want to have regular meetings or phone calls we can do that too. Some customers prefer to do everything over email. I am easy and will work with your style of communication. Ditto for updates. Some people like regular progress reports and others only want to hear from me when work has been completed.

In addition to marketing consulting, I can also execute all campaigns myself. It is really a matter of personal preference – do you want a plan to run with yourself? Or someone who can free up your time and do a professional job?

Really I am a jack of all trades and that’s just how I like it. Variety is the spice of life right?!

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?