5 reasons why you should blog

Most businesses, big and small, have a blog. However, many small business struggle to find new content ideas, reply to comments and provide regular new content. Whenever I notice a client with a less than regular blogging style, I ask them what their blog purpose is. Often they tell me they just have a blog

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Facebook Ads

5 ways to win with Facebook Ads

It seems as if every business seems to has attempted Facebook Ads at one time or another. As a marketing freelancer, assistance with Facebook Ads is the most common request I get. Facebook Ads Manager, the interface used to create Facebook ad campaigns is a smart and well curated tool. It is carefully designed to

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what is an ethical SEO company

What is an ethical SEO company?

If you’re considering hiring an SEO agency for the first time you might find it tricky to know what to look for. If you have heard of ethical and unethical SEO you may be wondering what is an ethical SEO company? The more knowledge you have about ethical SEO, the easier it is to choose a supplier who employs only these techniques. Read More »

why should I use image tags

Why do I need Image Alt tags?

Every SEO expert will tell you that you need image alt tags (also known as alt tags, img alt, alt text and alt attributes) in order to have a fully optimised site. So what are they and why do you need image alt tags? Image alt tags are a snippet of text which explains what

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Using laptop for google search

Google Ads: Should I bid on my own business name?

Google Ads can be an excellent way to get visitors to your website. But what if the customer is searching for your brand or business name already? Should you pay for them to click on your site when they probably would have for free anyway? Think about the last time you visited a website with

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Woman with mobile phone doing marketing strategy

What’s your Facebook ads marketing objective?

When setting up a Facebook ads campaign, you will need to define your marketing objective. This sets expectations and drives how we view the overall success of the campaign. Despite a range of options, most of us will choose Conversions. After all, we want our ads to convert right? What is a Facebook ads conversion?

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