Case Studies

Instagram Ads for Avila

Objective: Low cost digital advertising campaign to generate sales at the Avila e-commerce store

Background: Strong Instagram engagement with 4500+ followers. Past experience with social media marketing included over a dozen prior campaigns with low to average success

Strategy: 5 day AB test (Carousel and video formats). Followed by 9 days of Instagram ads. Development of customer personas to define target audience demographics and interests. Second ad set up to retarget website visitors using Facebook pixel.

Result: Avila had run over a dozen campaigns in the past but this one knocked them out of the park!

  • Highest number of website clicks of any campaign
  • Highest number of add to baskets
  • Lowest cost per click (CPC)
  • Lowest cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Positive ROI

Facebook activity calendar and ongoing management for ImproMation

Objective: Introduce a social media presence for ImproMation, a B2B software service provider for schools

Background: ImproMation wanted a social media presence that would engage their audience while casually promoting their wide product range

Strategy: Selection of social media channel (Facebook) with LinkedIn strategy to follow, creation of a tag-line, style guide, tone of voice, calendar creation incorporating the scheduling of posts to coincide with reminders of relevant events for target audience, Post copywriting and design, Facebook management and monitoring

Mini SEO and website audit for Salty Fox Swimwear

Objective: Increase site visits and engagement for the Salty Fox website through website improvements and increased SEO awareness

Background: This e-commerce retailer had recently finished a new website build but wanted to improve it further. With a limited budget they realised a full SEO and CRO project was out of the question but appreciated the value of having a professional analyse it.

Strategy: With a small budget, I dedicated a full day to reviewing the Salty Fox website, their competitors, analytics and some SEO tools. The outcome was professional advice and SEO guidance so that Salty Fox could get started on their website improvement journey

Result: Salty Fox was given a full report of personalised website and SEO improvements that they could action in their own time. I remained available to them for follow up questions and support in the weeks that followed while they improved their website.

  • 31 specific actions for the website, brand or marketing
  • 8 detailed instructions on actions to prioritise
  • 15 important insights from Google analytics, social media and competitors
  • 9 blog post ideas for things that people are actively searching
  • 3 focus SEO keywords that describe Salty Fox’s product niche and they might actually have a chance to rank for
  • 9 secondary SEO keywords that will improve the website’s chances of ranking

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