Digital marketing.

I do the lot.

As a senior marketer there isn’t much that I haven’t had direct involvement in. I am comfortable marketing products or services, whether for B2B or B2C markets. My experience working with small businesses is growing all the time and includes e-commerce, fashion, software and professional services industries.

My key offering…

is digital marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses. Services include search engine optimisation, digital ad placement and social media marketing and posts.

As a marketing consultant, I work with your objectives to suggest opportunities you may not have thought about. And I think outside of the square. This means I am not limited in providing a niche range of marketing services. If I can’t do it I will recommend somebody who can.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges… 

in attracting new business, managing workload in busy times and sourcing leads or sales in quieter periods. I appreciate budgets are small. Campaigns can be short and sweet to optimise budget spend and keep cost per lead / acquisition low.

My marketing background gives me an edge… 

over some digital strategy companies. Some agencies look at your business with more of a technical lens and less of a customer and brand focus. The marketing services they offer might be limited or they only do what you ask of them and don’t provide a true two-way relationship.

My philosophy is that the customer pays me. Therefore, my focus is always on the customer experience. I am scrupulous about the need for a seamless customer journey and offer customer insights you might not have realised.

I have a variety of packages to get you started. 

These can be tailored depending on where you are at in your digital marketing journey.

Or ask me to quote on a bespoke package.

I can help with other marketing services… 

that fit within the marketing realm. Even if you don’t see it here, just ask me. I have a talented network I can refer to you for design, web development, copywriting, photography and more. I regularly team up on projects with other freelancers, particularly on SEO content plans and website builds. This saves you the hassle of managing multiple contractors as I take care of the project management and subcontractor relationship.

To find out more about my past experience and credentials, take a peek at my LinkedIn profile.

Talk soon!

Esther Holloway

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?