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What is a marketing freelancer?

If you’re a fan of the gig economy, you’ll appreciate the value and convenience that comes from hiring a marketing freelancer. We already hire freelancers in all aspects of our business and personal life and don’t give it a second thought. Cleaners, tutors, babysitters, accountants, personal trainers, Uber drivers. These people are generally self employed, offer a niche service and only charge you for what you use. Whether they call themselves a freelancer is semantics, it’s the same concept.

With a marketing freelancer you don’t pay for wasted time spent by employees on emails, admin or meetings. You only pay for what’s required to get the job done. What’s more, without office distractions, work tends to be completed sooner.

You’ve come to the right place


My 13+ years’ experience in dynamic marketing roles enables me to step into any project and hit the ground running. This is why I became a marketing freelancer, because I feel confident in my abilities to do a great job. If I felt at all uneasy dealing with people, receiving feedback and challenging the status quo, I wouldn’t be freelancing. You would spot a phoney from a mile away and I would be miserable.

Flexible to suit you

When you hire a marketing freelancer you are still the boss. I am flexible as to where and how I work.

  • On-site, off-site or a bit of both (I’m Sydney based)
  • One-off, ad-hoc, or regular freelance marketing assignments
  • Project, retainer or hourly rate

Some clients prefer that I take the reigns on high level strategic marketing responsibilities. I can handover simple execution tasks to a different resource such a VA. Others require a marketing freelancer to provide strategic direction and run end-to-end campaigns. Either approach is fine with me.

Based in Sydney’s Inner West, I’m able to travel anywhere within Sydney and work with small businesses all over Australia. 

How can I help you?

  • cover for staff on annual or sick leave
  • an extra staff member during a busy period or deadline driven project
  • a regular part-time marketing resource on a retainer basis
  • marketing consulting or strategy
  • ad-hoc or one off marketing assistance for a business that doesn’t regularly need a marketing resource
  • agency work such as digital or strategic marketing or customer account management
  • product management on a digital or e-commerce project (I am Agile Certified)

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

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