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My mission

Get your website found on page one of Google

For a small business, SEO is essential to get your website ranking. An easily found website will bring in quality leads and sales via Google for FREE! But it’s not that easy for a small business. With billions of websites on the web, there is likely to be a lot of competition for your product. If there are large businesses doing the same thing as you, it’s going to be even harder to rank.

How does SEO work?

With over 200 ways to improve SEO I won’t bog you down with the details. Essentially I find and fix website issues to improve your website’s visibility. I ensure your website sends the right message to the search engines when a customer is searching for your product or service.

I am not an overnight maverick. It takes time to see any real improvement in small business SEO because you often don’t have the time and resources that larger businesses have.

SEO with integrity

I am a Sydney based Freelance SEO Consultant serving small business clients all over Australia

I get it. Your website is your baby. It was probably the first thing you produced when you started your business – so why would you entrust it to me?

  • My marketing focus ensures a more holistic review than a technical SEO expert. I apply marketing principles such as user experience, journey mapping, customer personas and competitor analysis 
  • e-commerce experience. Prior to becoming a digital marketing freelancer, I managed a digital marketing team in one of the world’s most successful e-commerce businesses. I’ve worked on internal keyword optimisation projects for a business with over 400,000 products.
  • I keep things simple. It is important that you understand what I am doing and why. I think SEO is awesome and I love teaching others about it – so you can expect to learn a thing or two in the process.
  • Low costs. I know that every business – big or small can benefit from affordable SEO and I don’t want cost to hold you back.
  • Based in Inner West, Sydney. I can work in your offices or remotely but don’t let location hold you back, I have all the technology tools to communicate with you anywhere in Australia.

Keyword Research

What keywords should you be using to get your website ranking?

With only 6 – 10 organic search results showing up on page one of Google, there is a lot of competition for keywords. You really want to be one of the first three search results but getting there takes a well thought out strategy.

If you are a small business, the most obvious SEO keywords are likely to be optimised for larger businesses with whom you cannot easily compete. Therefore, it will be a little harder to find keywords that are available to use. With my marketing know how I will be able to unearth keyword opportunities that are underutilised or describe a niche offering. Some agencies will just optimise your site for the keywords you specify, but it is rarely that simple.

Of course everybody wants to rank for keywords with high search traffic. However, sometimes those with lower search traffic have higher conversion intent. This means they can be more valuable because the customer is at the pointy end of the sales cycle. Some keywords are going to be within your reach to start ranking on now while others are going to require a long term strategy.

How do I find keywords?

Using a variety of techniques, I research and review over 100 keywords. I then develop a list of short, mid and long tail keywords. Following this, I rank them using a unique formula evaluating competitors, your site and traffic potential – so you have an idea of which to prioritise on your website and in your copy.

I don’t plug your details into an online tool and give you screenshots of the results. Your keywords are personalised for your website and are discovered and evaluated entirely by me, not by a machine.

What to expect

Client Information Gathering Session

  • Client brief collected by email, phone, Skype or in-house
  • Full collection of business related information including competitors, brand and product information, value proposition, competitive advantages and existing keywords
  • Website overview including high level metrics, conversion and customer browsing patterns
  • Customer review: Ideal customer, personas, pain points, customer journeys, enquiry types, barriers to conversion
  • Goal setting, establishing both primary and secondary goals and expectations

Site Audit

  • Comprehensive review of ALL pages on your site
  • Detailed report highlighting areas that need improvements, factoring in the data collected at the information gathering session
  • At this point, you can implement yourself or I can proceed with execution of SEO findings

Implement Quick Wins

  • Implementation of the ‘low hanging fruit’ discovered in the site audit. This will begin to reap results while we focus on the more challenging tasks

Implement Technical and On-page Optimisation

  • Technical changes are generally geared at making it easier for search engine bots to crawl your pages
  • On-page techniques may include implementation of new keywords and SEO optimised landing pages. This may require development or copywriting resources

Link Building

  • Add or remove inbound and outbound links
  • Develop plan for ongoing link building strategy

Testing, CRO and Review

  • 30 – 180 day review, testing, altering, improving until satisfied that the improvements are working
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques deployed on site to influence goal conversion

Monitoring, Reporting and Ongoing Maintenance

  • Set up of automated and ongoing scheduled reports from your analytics engine to report on successes and conversions
  • Recommended: Ongoing maintenance of site, adjustments and review

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

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