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No time for social media marketing?

Outsource it.

Social Media marketing is a low cost way to digitally grow your brand following. Whether your goal is to grow leads or revenue, position yourself as a thought leader or general awareness, social media can do it all.

Although the B2C model tends to have the most success as their customers engage organically, there are opportunities for B2Bs also. Those with successful social media profiles have nailed the location, tone of voice, responsiveness and handling of negative feedback.

Several of my clients find that Instagram or Facebook is their best source of website traffic and conversions. To get to this point took time and effort . It involved dedicated content creation, targeted calls to action, engaging social media influencers and marketing campaigns.

Initially, the time and effort required to build a social media following was ok. It gave a feeling of control and visible results. However, as businesses grew they found maintaining this momentum too much for one person to handle. Soon their early successes on social media channels slowed down as they ran out of ideas and time to engage with their followers.

Often this is when I get a call – to help take your social media to the next level and provide professional marketing assistance.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising involves sharing a post, generally with a pay per click (PPC) or cost per thousand (CPM) objective. Your marketing goals, budget and target audience will define the campaign type and call to action. For instance, a carousel or video might work well for one business while a boosted post is better for another.

Placement is another factor. Services and B2Bs can have success on LinkedIn if they have good quality content to link to. B2C retail and promotion heavy marketing is better suited to Facebook or Instagram.

I always test social media adverts before committing to placement, messaging, location, audience and other marketing metrics. What works for one business may not work for another. I don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach and all campaigns are set up and monitored by me.

Social Media Content

Customers expect you to have a full remit of social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and possibly others. 

However, maintaining social media channels takes time and dedication. Ignoring an enquiry on social media is a terrible customer experience that will impact your bottom line. You don’t want a social media page that has been neglected and isn’t regularly updated.

Need help with your social media content strategy and execution?

What to expect:

  • Strategy session to define your goals, target customer, measures of success, competitors and other important details. From this I will suggest post location, frequency and strategy
  • Calendar of events and activities including internal promotions and those that are relevant in your industry
  • Style guide defining colours, fonts, imagery type and tone of voice, so that all your posts are consistent in style
  • Creation of posts. I can source images and design posts myself or brief to your creative team. I will write all messaging and await your approval
  • Upload of all posts, set to appear on predefined dates. Working 1 – 3 months ahead of schedule
  • Regular reporting on metrics and success measures

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

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